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  1. How it is to date a Muslim in India, even when you are progressive
  2. So rather than explain this choice, I will try to tell my story.
  3. Things You Only Know When Your Boyfriend's Muslim And You're Not
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This nearly caused us to break up, twice. And, unbeknownst to me, he spent this period of time researching for ways to finally get that religion issue resolved after four years. Surprisingly, LDR was the help we never saw coming. To make up for the physical distance and time difference, we focused on bringing our emotional distance closer through communication and trust.

There is no foolproof formula to surviving a mixed race relationship, especially when religion is involved. If possible, convert to another religion only if your feelings towards the faith are genuine, not as a solution to the issue. Today, my parents adore my boyfriend.

How it is to date a Muslim in India, even when you are progressive

His family too, has always made me feel welcome. His late grandmother, despite our obvious language gap—she only speaks Bahasa—will always try to have a conversation with me while holding my hands. Shanice is a Millennial with an old soul. Her modern-day guilty pleasures include typing on a typewriter and taking pictures with a film camera. She also thinks of Wes Anderson as one of the greatest visual geniuses of the 21st century. We create daily content about beauty, fashion, dating, and stories of everyday women.

They must all burn in Hell all these players that target innocent foreign women! Dear friends, my name is kelvin from Canada, i am into business,but it was not bringing out profit as it was supposed to, life was not what living cos things was bad for me financially, i have a beautiful wife with four kids to take care off. At first i was confused and doubtful, then i decided to give a try and did what Dr.

Anyone wants his wife or her husband back? Dr Sina, what on earth has happened here? Een Khanum Che Mi Khwahst? Mutasifane Ke Jah Ghalot Bashai. After reading the comments i could understand how a crimainal feels about police. They want all the laws to be broken they want a free world where they can do anything they want.

Don't you guys ever get fed up with these phantom ex Muslims or Muslims wanting to break out? Just reading the stories makes one laugh, thinking, it's one thing being sceptical, but these made up stories and fictional characters pretending to be Muslims or Ex Muslims or wannabe Muslims is just a joke. Whoever is writing these scripts needs to get fired and find someone who can at least make it 'look' plausible. My advice would be to you sister that if you really love him why is his religion so important to you? Trust me, I mean, it is kind of funny more than it's heart-breaking to see how all of the ppl think of islam being a "Terrorist organization" or "extremist group" rather than an ideology or a religion..

Instead of finding points to debate on and to "win" over a cleric.. Why don't you rad about it yourself with a clear mind..? If you ever want to embrace it or just want to get info about it.. Dear Tina, I don't not know what type of muslim man your partner is, but I do know that if you are unhappy, you may divorce him. All these hate comments about muslims are really a waste of time in my opinion. I know of women who are perfectly happy being married to muslim men, who treat them with the greatest of respect and kindness, and I know of others who try to impose their beliefs on them.

It all depends on the individual, not on the religion.

So rather than explain this choice, I will try to tell my story.

If you love this man, give the relationship a try; should it not work out, then part with him. After all, we are all just human beings in the end. Read up for yourself what it means to be a muslim, but in the end, your partner may just follow a very watered-down version of what you read, like so many mulims of western origin I know who really just pay lip-service to the religion.

Most of all, do not fear him. I know many muslim men, and I know that they are nothing like what Mr Ali Sina et al have claimed. I wish you all the best.

Things You Only Know When Your Boyfriend's Muslim And You're Not

Our prophet is an example for all humans. He never raped anyone,he never killed anyone and nor he divided humanity. After sucess in Battle of badar,he left all non-muslims. So how can you say that he killed anyone? Before the birth of our Holy prophet,non-muslims were killing their girls but after birth, Muhammad peace be upon him stopped them all. So how can he raped any woman?

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Our holy prophet don't allowed us to say anything wrong about other religion. So if we are not saying wrong about anyone then we don't give permission to anybody to say anything wrong about our great Prophet peace be upon him. And what will you do if I show you Muhammad allowed and in fact encouraged his followers to lie? Will you then change your stance and start defending him? This is what I come accross all the time. Muslims deny categorically that something is in Islam and will accuse me of lying, until I show them the evidence. Then these very Muslims make a degree change instantly and start defending and justifying the very thing they denied so categorically.

This is mind boggling. Muslims should never lie, and are not allowed to… And you were an ex-muslim right one of the kuffar the quran mentions about types of people like you but do as u like…. Muslims should never lie, and are not allowed to… And you were an ex-muslim right one of the kuffar i is written about types of people like you but do as u like….

Is there any Dental instrument available or will be available which can restrict christians girls falling in love with muslim? If we are referring to the feeling which we get in touch with "love" then we are generally of a feeling. What we think toward a particular personal is not essential, until our feeling is indicated in a particular action.

Now if that action is permitted, then well and fantastic. If it is undesirable, then we have obtained something that Allah does not take of. If it is really like between a man and a woman, the feeling itself is not the subject of asking on the Day of Judgment. If you encounter you really like someone, then you cannot control your feeling.

If that really like needs you to try to see that personal in key and to offer idea to your ideas in actions permitted only within the relationship of marriage then what you are doing is undesirable. If we are mentioning the sentiment which we contact "love" then we are basically of a sensation. What we presume toward a particular individual is not important, until our sensation is indicated in a particular activity. Now if that activity is allowable, then well and excellent. If it is unacceptable, then we have received something that Allah does not accept of.

If it is really like between a man and a lady, the sentiment itself is not the topic of asking on the Day of Verdict.

If you experience you really like someone, then you cannot management your sensation. If that really like requires you to try to see that individual in key and to provide concept to your thoughts in activities allowable only within the connection of wedding then what you are doing is unacceptable. This letter by Tina could be clearly made up. There is no location, no date, no address and no witness to verify the authencity of the letter.

So you are all debating over a false letter.


Too much bullshit here. Muslim men are the most caring and understanding men, and they are definitely times better than ass-loving, pussy-addicted, alcohol-saturated typical "free" men. Islam teaches peace and goodness……for any of you who feel "how is islam good….

Shanice Koh

Islam is the problem, this would become clear if you read the Quran and study the life of Muhammad. I wouldn't enjoy the time left with my boyfriend if he told me he's okay with being engaged soon to a girl he hardly knows. I'd question his sanity and dump him asap. A problematic relationship or marriage has not much bearing with religions. If common religions or no religions guaranteed a lifetime marriage, then they will be no divorces whatsoever. Just because someone does not like any particular religion and equates it with a success or failure or a relationship, that does not mean one has a license to lambaste the religion.

Things You Only Know When Your Boyfriend's Muslim And You're Not | Grazia

Thus, please do not make your case as something universal because out there there are so many successful and unsuccessful marriages involving all kinds of religions, beliefs, whatnots. This world can be a more peaceful place to live in if we can learn how to respect others. We just dont have to be moronic like some who gave advices but with malicious intentions. I wish I wouldn't spend my time reading this lose discussion. Remember…in the end, you don't have a say in what happens to you.

You will either submit or flee. Please, please be safe. He has now told me that he is to be engaged soon to this girl he hardly knows, and that he told me as soon as he knew, he hates the idea of it, but sees no way out of it especially as he is the only one of his brothers who is likely to get married. His future wife will come to a city near by next year to study, however, I will have graduated by then, and I have no idea what I will be doing with my life probably move country.


As this girl and I dont seem to overlap in time, I agreed to keep on seeing him as my graduating would lead to a natural break up, and I'm not taking this relationship too seriously.