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Boring holes

Reuben is the owner of Structure Tech Home Inspections, where he has worked since When we bought our house in Minneapolis last year I told my husband that one thing I wanted to do eventually was to add a urinal to the lower level half bath. Non-commercial urinals can be very cool looking I think and I thought it would be a nice add on for my husband and other guys who visit our home.

There is one thing I noticed, you drilled holes for the water pipe too close to the bottom of the joists. This weakens them, holes should only be drilled as close to the top as possible. Imagine the physics if you put weight above the hole. Holes are actually allowed almost anywhere in that type of joist.

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My apologies — think twice write once! I understand the urinal for possible piping reasons.

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We had the whole upstairs as one big bedroom with beds that pushed on rails into the side attic eaves. I think the piping was 2 in so that was the main reason, but it was rather odd to explain to the neighbor girls and girl cousins and we did catch one cousin thinking he could poop in it. Urinals are just not that common and I can see why.

Hey Reuben, I am pretty sure a light wash of muriatic acid will take away the bits of embedded metal—but be careful as muriatic acid is really hard on the glaze as well. For the porcelain stains, maybe try leaving a layer of baking soda paste overnight and then scrubbing again? This is what I do for my glass bakeware that gets stains from being used in the oven.


DIY urinal installation, my tale of woe

Saw a house for sale in Maple Grove where the husband had installed a urinal and sink in the garage. I understood the reason for wanting to take care of things in the workshop before coming into the house.

I heard some comments that indicated that she did not think the urinal was an acceptable item there. Bill — yeah, that comment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. My wife probably ventures down to the basement about once a week, so she could really care less. Welcome to Structure Tech. Water flow First off, I spent way too much time installing the water supply lines.

Boring holes While making the bore holes in my floor joists for the water lines, I made sure to stay the heck away from electrical wires. About the Author Biography facebook twitter linkedin. Reuben Reuben is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work.


Hay can splash back like a demon. In all, it took the studio two years to develop the solution. Inside each box, an internet-connected sensor measures pee levels, and when the box needs its straw swapped out, an attendant is dispatched to pick up the waste and take it to a composting facility outside the city. In theory, that compost is later used to feed the flowers up top. As funny as it all sounds, public urination and defecation is a real problem for cities.

Urinal drain hookup

Nobody really wants to undergo the indignity of using public space as a restroom, but many simply have no better option. There are public bathrooms in city parks, but they all close by 8 p.

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